Stien van der Ploeg

Born and raised in the Netherlands, that is also where Stien started her career in strengthening nonprofit organizations. In 2008, she moved to Chicago, USA. Determined to make a positive impact on life on earth and on the organizations fighting for a better world, she bolstered a range of charities to become more effective in reaching their goals.

Along the way always evaluating what could be done better using both data and feedback from people with different life experiences and perspectives.

With close to 15 years of non-profit administration and resource development experience, Stien specializes in systematically optimizing the management and fundraising practices of growing charities, and in building productive and genuine relationships with donors, stakeholders and teams.

In 2018 she made Kraków, Poland her home. From there, when she is not lifting weights or spicing up vegan recipes, she advises Open Cages UK on fundraising strategies and charity best practices, and studies to increase her knowledge of the life-saving and world-changing possibilities of plant-based and cultured meat.

Though orangutans are her spirit animal, she believes ending farm animal suffering is currently the most urgent issue facing non-human animals.

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