Tereza Vandrovcová

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Tereza Vandrovcová is an academic (teacher and course guarantor) at the University of New York in Prague (UNYP) where she teaches Social Psychology, Sociology and Animals in Human Society: Psychological Perspectives. She also teaches introduction to Animal Studies at the Charles University (Prague) and Masaryk University (Brno).

She is a co-founder of online vegan-guide called Soucitne.cz, NGO Česká veganská společnost (Czech Vegan Society), EACAS (European Association for Critical Animal Studies) and company with limited liability Wealthy life, s.r.o. Within the latter organization she organizes seminars Exkuraci.cz for people addicted to nicotine (being an ex-smoker herself). She is also an activist and spokesperson at NGO Open your eyes (Otevři oči).

About the presentation

Current and future perspectives in Animal Studies

Abstract: Human-nonhuman relations and animal rights are being discussed and researched in academia as well.

The interdisciplniary field of Animal Studies is one of the areas focusing on these issues. The most relevant subfield for this conference is Critical Animal Studies which advocates for the dismantling of animal-industrial complex and which is rooted in the animal liberation movement.

This lecture will briefly describe the field itself and introduce current empirical research as well as actual philosophical discussions about ethics.

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