The power of plant-based food on Instagram and lifestyle media (and how to use it)

Rodrigo Cristina

  • 18 th August
    12:50 - 13:35

The international food, restaurants and hotel consulting company agency Baum+Whiteman

called plant-based 2018’s dining trend of the year. This year 2019, Forbes reported

plan-based eating as one of the top trends impacting the food and beverage industry. How

did this happen? Has plant-based food helped to make mainstream a fringe movement like


In August 2018, The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board of the UK (AHDB)

published a report to understand the ongoing success of plant-based products. In this report,

it was stated that “the growth of veganism has partially been fuelled by the growth on

Instagram”, comparing the increase of interest in veganism with the increase of users of the

social platform. They also co-relate these interest increases in veganism with a bigger

demand for plant-based products.

Based on this premise, during the talk we will try to understand the reasons why Instagram

has been a driver in the growing interest on plant-based diets. We will try to see, with some

practical examples, how we can use these reasons to create appealing content and

successful campaigns.

We will also take a look at the risks of the changes on Instagram and the impact that they

could potentially have in our communication on the social media platform. Therefore, we will

try to foresee how we could adapt to these changes.

Although social media has been key in making plant-based food mainstream, due to its

volatility, we should not forget about the capacity of traditional media to promote a

plant-based diet. That is why we will also look at how we can engage with traditional media,

with a special focus on lifestyle magazines, thanks to plant-based food.

When: Sunday, 18 August, 2019, 12:50–13:35, Room: A.2

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