Toby Schiønning

Toby Schiønning is one of the co-founders of Anima International, which is a merger between Anima and
Open Cages/Otwarte Klatki. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and organizational
communication. After a long period of volunteering he started working at the Danish animal protection
group Anima in 2009, where he currently serves as Director of Campaigns and Communication. Anima has
been successful with corporate outreach involving fur animals, hens, broilers, ducks and dolphins. Toby has
met with large corporations, and animal industry people, and has appeared in various media speaking up
for animals.

Toby is a pragmatist at heart, concerned about making the biggest impact possible, believing that there are
many roads that lead to a world where animal rights are honored.

In his spare time, Toby spends a lot of time with his friends and family. He enjoys hiking, running and beach
volleyball, where he finds peace and joy. Also, he has been playing tournament backgammon for 15+ years,
teaching him about risks, rewards and probabilities which can also be applied to campaign decision-making.