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Tomas graduated from university with a bachelor degree in business communication. Soon it became clear to him that working for commercial profit didn’t inspire him, so for some time he was exploring the world and himself. During these years some core values became clear to him. Empathy was one of the major one. Having some knowledge of business logic, he found it a perfect match to take the position of corporate outreach manager at Tušti narvai and join the animal rights movement 1.5 year ago. His practise of Vipassana meditation and Non violent communication as well as volunteer service at the youth hotline for emotional support seems to be helpful in negotiation with companies.

About the presentation

We have guts – can animal advocacy be both cool and effective?

Abstract: Tomas finds a lot of confrontation in corporate outreach – companies usually don’t want to take responsibility for animal welfare problems and it looks like that the only option is to send a letter informing them about the upcoming campaign. In a way it is saying you are bad because you are not solving the problem.

For Tomas it is hard to stay for a long time in such a negativity. Maybe that is the reason why staff at corporate outreach position change quite often.
So Tomas was looking for an idea of a different approach: how about saying them – you are cool, because you are able to solve the problem. Some of the best Lithuanian copywriters gave us an idea to use #wehaveguts (in Lithuanian language we use #wehaveeggs to express the same meaning). Famous chefs and CEO’s of some big companies helped us to promote the hashtag. They were happy to join with this positive approach.

This campaign gave Tomas an insight that it might be possible to create a positive image of corporate outreach. It could take longer to get commitment from a company, but there are chances that we would be taken for partners rather than bullies attacking companies. In the long run it might be even more effective as we’ll be returning to companies and asking them to solve other animal welfare issues. Having a good relationship they could be more cooperative.
Wouldn’t it be great if companies start to outreach us saying “We have guts and ready to solve animal welfare problems”?

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