Undercover investigations as a catalyst for institutional change


  • 13th October
    12:50 - 13:35

Undercover investigations inside animal industries are widely recognised to be a powerful catalyst for individual behaviour change. Shocking images make great headline stories for the traditional press and grab people’s attention on social media, educating thousands to the horrors hidden behind closed doors. But undercover investigations can also be a powerful catalyst for corporate and political change, as well as galvanising activists around a cause.

This talk will focus on Animal Equality’s work across Europe and how we have maximised the impact of our undercover investigations by:
· Linking facilities exposed in our footage to named supermarkets and brands – and then applying public pressure on those companies to change their practices;
· Having a thorough understanding of animal welfare laws and reporting breaches to the appropriate authorities – then applying public pressure to ensure the perpetrators are brought to justice;
· Alerting sympathetic politicians to the cruel conditions we have uncovered and working with them to draft new laws – then applying public pressure on all politicians to support these changes.

Recent victories including the European Parliament’s support for a ban on rabbit battery cages and the criminal conviction of farm workers in the UK and Spain for animal cruelty, will be discussed.