What can animal advocates learn from the history of past social movements and technologies?

Jamie Harris

  • 17 th August
    12:50 - 13:35

A boycott of West Indian sugar began in 1791 and within 16 years, the British slave trade was abolished. What, if anything does this teach animal advocates? Are there other useful lessons that we can learn from history, or are there just too many complicating factors?

From the British antislavery movement to the modern US anti-abortion movement, history provides a deep well of evidence for a wide variety of strategic questions. For example, should animal advocates focus their tactics on individual consumers or on institutions? 5 different social movements suggest that we should prioritize targeting institutions. This talk will also discuss 2 technology adoption case studies, 2 quantitative analyses of social movements, a world war, and a revolution. Historical evidence is limited but useful nonetheless; this talk will share some of those important insights.

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