What is the EU Common Agricultural Policy and why you should CARE?

Włodzimierz Gogłoza

  • 17 th August
    10:50 - 11:35

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the largest single item in the European Union’s budget. Every year the EU is giving billions of Euros to farmers owning land in its member states in the form of subsidies to agricultural producers, import barriers for agricultural products and incentives for exports (in 2018 CAP amounted to 58.8 billion EUR, and most of this sum was spent on supporting farmers’ income).

The policy has an enormous impact on European agriculture sector and economy in general. The CAP determines which agricultural industries are likely to thrive, and heavily influences food consumption patterns in Europe. Since animal outputs constitute more than 40% of EU agricultural production, the CAP also greatly impacts the amount of animals produced for food, as well as the conditions in which those animals live. Yet, despite the CAP’s crucial role in forming the agricultural landscape in Europe, not many animal rights activists seem to care about it. The aim of my presentation is to change that.

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