Why you should be friends with vets

Cygańska Maya

  • 16 th August
    12:50 - 13:35

Administering medication to your cat, giving you the look because your dog is a tad too chubby, treating your rabbit’s ear infection. Is that really all your vet can do? Surprise: veterinarians are not only very well educated on non-human anatomy, they are also a valuable asset to your organization. After going through vet school and working a job in the field, vets are used to functioning in a demandingwork environment.

Being constantly exposed to animal suffering and facing a powerful livestock production lobby on a daily basis is a tough experience, but it is also a valuable lesson of perseverance and a crash course in personal ethics. Despite being taught in a biased way about livestock production, many vets see through the system and wish to actively work against it. Their expert knowledge is priceless and their authority can play an important part in strengthening your organization or campaign.

During my talk, I will discuss the reasons why it is worth to hire vets, where to look for them and how to interest them in working for your organization. I will also introduce you to the background of their education and the veterinary field itself, for you to be able to connect with vets and vet students even better. There is a whole new world out there with massive potential – animals deserve the best advocates possible. Let’s work together to bring more vets into the animal rights movement, starting now!

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